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Express ToolKit:      

Express informational templates:
1. Grant information
2. Template for required company information
3. RFP analysis with template of key grant award requirements

4. Partnership agreement template
5. Letter of intent template

Silver Express ToolKit:      

All of the Express components plus
1. Product alignment with grant priorities & requirements
2. Educational terminology related to product and grant initiative

Gold Express ToolKit:      

All of the Silver Express components plus a customized template for writing the proposal narrative.

Gold writing template may include the following
1. Proposal Outline with built in prompts
2. Checklists for each section of the narrative
3. Tips on developing methodology and evaluation
4. Award Criteria Checklist

The template is grant and state specific

Platinum Express ToolKit:

All of the Gold Express components plus five hours of on-line or telephone coaching support, two teleconferences and a proposal review.

Teleconferences may be for sales force and /or customers. Our experts answer questions about the grant, technical requirements and related information

Proposal reviews must be conducted at least 10 days prior to the submission deadline. Our experts provide written feedback on

  • Clarity and readability for reviewers
  • Ways to strengthen the proposal
  • Missing elements
  • Critical errors
  • Provides “one-stop” access to grant information
  • Aligns company product and services to grant initiative
  • Ensures a common company message
  • Maximizes face-to-face time with customers and adds value to product
  • Allows sales force to work more efficiently and gain a competitive advantage
  • Saves hours in preparation time
  • Simplifies and demystifies the grant process
  • Improves collaboration with SEAs and local districts.
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